The Initiation of Kama Medea, part 2 of 2

2019-08-02Kama Medea1:54 minutes and 26 imagesBondage, Fetish, Rubber
The Initiation of Kama Medea, part 2 of 2 1
The Initiation of Kama Medea, part 2 of 2 2

This update is the team up between Rubber Restrained (RopeMarks) and KinkyStyle where we do the initiation of Kama Medea into our world of rubber and bondage.

Before this initiation I have already been spending some days together with Kama, letting her get acquainted with the Rubber Restrained method. This went quite far (I am happy to say) that this shoot was done with a buttplug, size L, inserted all of the time (we do not have photos of this, I am very sorry to say). But(t) all the moaning and wriggling you will see is not only because of tight rubber and bondage, hood, collar and gag but also because of a size L buttplug deep inside her. We already love this pretty girl!

Anyway, We start easy enough, dress up in tight latex, a waist cincher, stockings and heels. Then some modelling until we break out the hood/armbinder combination. The hood as perforations where the eyes are supposed to be and the mouth is open for... other services. When this contraption is on Kama she has limited sight, not being able to move her arms and on heels really keeps her off balance, a very beautiful sight to see this struggle.

We then crank it up a notch. A wide and tight collar is put around her neck and the hood/armbinder combination. This is generating some nice moans (of pleasure?). Then we add a blindfold over the perforated eyes, what this does is limit her airflow into to hood. To top this we add a big enough gag into Kama's sexy mouth. Her lips are wrapped beautiful around the ball.

We now have a wobbly piece of rubber submissive girl that is struggling for air and balance... Welcome to our universe Kama.

Pictures by KinkyStyle

This update contains a short clip of Kama moaning, struggling and stumbling

Hobbledress - video

2019-06-07Arienh5:09 minutesBlonde, Bondage, Fetish
Hobbledress - video 1
Hobbledress - video 2
Hobbledress - video 3
Hobbledress - video 4

Sweet Arienh is dressed in a Bizarre Design hobbledress. The work of Bizarre Design is serious corsetry and restraining. When Arienh is in the hobbledress every step she takes is with great difficulty and all she really can do is... hobble.

We like to stress-test our girls and so we do Arienh, in addition to the hobbledress she wears a matching neck corset and sky-high fetish heels. We add a ballgag-harnass (drool, anyone?) then cuff and tie her hands on her back, strappado-style.

The look that we created here is beautiful, stunning I would say, but fact of the matter is that Arienn is unable to move at all. Every single move puts her off balance and she can fall, you will see her being very still and careful!


outfit Bizarre Design | photos Chris Hammer | Video RopeMarks

On the Excalibur - video - 3/3 1
On the Excalibur - video - 3/3 2
On the Excalibur - video - 3/3 3
On the Excalibur - video - 3/3 4

In this update you see Sofia Valentine, Holland's pride and joy of the p*rn business, in a way you have not seen her before. Tied, spread, gagged and riding the excalibur.

This material was originally created in 2008.

Arienh's latex submission - video

2019-01-04Arienh8:32 minutesBlonde, Bondage, Latex
Arienh's latex submission - video 1
Arienh's latex submission - video 2
Arienh's latex submission - video 3
Arienh's latex submission - video 4

We have our favorite bimbo at our disposal again and this time we will treat her like a little doll.

We dress her up in latex, put her in sexy high heels and then make her show herself to us. When you play with Rubber Restrained, we will restrain you, in metal chains this time. Arienh, our dolly, gets herself wrapped in heavy metal chains then gagged to the max with a huge ballgag (that went in surprisingly easy!).

After this challenge we continue and add a BJ-hood, no sight, but her luscious lips are free to service; spread eagle her to the ceiling with metal cuffs and play, play, play and hurt her a little, lovely screams are coming from her double-gagged mouth. Yes, we put a rubber-lip-gag in her mouth and then used a rubber ball-gag.

Finally we let her rest on a chair, still cuffed and hooded, but resting... we have more plans (for a next update).

photos Chris Hammer | Video RopeMarks

Task: find your way back - video

2018-11-02Spring1:26 minutesFetish, High heels, Outdoors
Task: find your way back - video 1
Task: find your way back - video 2
Task: find your way back - video 3
Task: find your way back - video 4

Today we are giving Spring a task, an outside task. She has to find her way back home after we drop her in the woods. Here's the catch, during her task she will be restrained and suffering in a seriously heavy rubber outfit.

The outfit Spring is going to wear is a custom made for her by Bizarre Design (by Jeroen van der Kliss) based on our adjusted Sweet Gwendoline specs. She will be covered in heavy rubber from head to toe and and only showing eyes, boobs, vjj and small bit of upper thigh, so sexy!


Before I tell you how this went down, first a little something about this outfit. This outfit is the real deal, it's serious bondage and restraint while making the girl in it look and feel ridiculously sexy.

The custom made corset reduces the waist to a sexy minimal but the added bonus is that breathing through the stomach is not an option anymore, breathing becomes limited and high through the chest.

Then the custom made armbinder, a perfect fit, pulls Spring's elbows close together pushing her breasts forward, straightening her posture and make her look and feel like submissive goddess (but still a submissive :)). The added bonus with an armbinder this perfect is that there remains little room left to expand the chest, so there is limited breathing through the chest.

Next we put a sweet-gwendoline style hood over Spring's head that does not allow her to open her mouth, or get air through (in or out) her mouth. Only her nose is free for air but she can't expand her belly or chest.

Finally we slap a neck corset around her neck that gives the added sensation of "no air", on top of all the seriously heavy rubber bondage gear she is wearing already.

All of this, corset, armbinder, hood, neck-corset, makes her breathing very shallow and short, she really needs to stay calm, and focus, while in this outfit. This is true torment in one beautiful, sexy, restrained package!

The last part of this outfit, her rubber stockings and heels, are like the cherry on the pie. The final bit of creating this sexy image, sexy posture. She feels and looks like a million bucks in this outfit but is beautifully suffering to gives us her amazing looks!


So how did this go down? We dressed up spring in her outfit, a long task with al the stringing but very pleasing to do. Then put her in heels and last we put a non-transparent bag over her head and laid her down on the back seat of the car.

We drove to the drop-off spot, she had no idea where it was, removed the bag from over her head and told her to meet us back in the parking lot that was connected to these woods entrance. She looked surprised and a bit shocked then we gave her a rough direction to go and we left her...

All alone, naked, bound, suffering and a task to perform, of she went! Spring is more than willingly performing her task to find her way back while suffering for us in this awesome heavy rubber outfit.

Something we did not tell her is that from a distance we kept an eye on her. We had no intention to interfere with her task unless the situation would become really unsafe or harmful.

This update presents you with 30 images of her walk and a short clip where she has been walking for about an hour and you see her trying to get her bearings to find her way back to the car.

Do you think she fulfilled her task?

outift Bizarre Design | shoes Dennis Diem | photos Ork Photography | video RopeMarks