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The French Maid, Korean fetish version 0

We think we have found the perfect domestic help. The gorgeous Korean beauty, Flawless Meow, dressed in an amazing fetish French maid corset from the bizarre mind of Jeroen van der Klis. His corsets are the real deal, Flawless has to work to enjoy herself in this. This maid wears rubber gloves and stockings and an amazing pair of sky-high heels. To top this off a pair of wide slave girl cuffs to accentuate her position in the household.

In this challenging but stunning outfit our maid makes the bed for you and then awaits your return for... Well, you can fill this in without a problem I think.

Rubber nun, preaching to the perverted - part 2 of 2 0

In part two we start where part one left of, the beautiful Dutch Dame dressed from head to toe in a rubber nun outfit with tight rubber corset.

We fit our nun with leather wrist cuffs and leather upper arm cuffs and tie our nun's arms tightly on her back.

To stop our nun from walking away with tie her rubbered-up ankles together.

All the preaching stops...

...the moment we fit the white ball-gag and leave our rubbered-up nun contemplating her lust for rubber and bondage...

Photos by Patrick Ceuppens.

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