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The French Maid, Korean fetish version 0

We think we have found the perfect domestic help. The gorgeous Korean beauty, Flawless Meow, dressed in an amazing fetish French maid corset from the bizarre mind of Jeroen van der Klis. His corsets are the real deal, Flawless has to work to enjoy herself in this. This maid wears rubber gloves and stockings and an amazing pair of sky-high heels. To top this off a pair of wide slave girl cuffs to accentuate her position in the household.

In this challenging but stunning outfit our maid makes the bed for you and then awaits your return for... Well, you can fill this in without a problem I think.

Sakura <3 love <3 0

When Sakura (love) is in town we really hit it off! Obviously I can't let the possibility to shoot pass by.

Guldor | RopeMarks | Spnkd

The Initiation of Ariel Anderssen 0

We present you the beautiful Ariel Anderssen while initiating her into the world of Rubber Restrained.

Ariel's initiation will focus on her very pretty face and neck. But first, I dress her up in latex and stockings and start with the first smooth, but tight, collar. She has no problems whatsoever with this one but looks awesome wearing it.

Next I add a hood to the collar, this completes the look but I want to see her eyes show some real pleasure from her situation. Out I bring the blow-up collar and the rubber belts and one huge ballgag. All is slapped on Ariel and the pumping can begin... now we're getting somewhere.

After many many time pumping the collar to its max and seeing Ariel suffer we make her relax by removing the collar (not the gag), replace it for a strict neck corset and a blindfold.

Strapped and sensory deprived we leave her, just, be while we go ahead and do what needs to be done, Ariel is now a rubber ornament that is a part of the Rubber Restrained family.

Pictures by CarmineWorx

Irresistible Rubber Bondage 0

Irresistible Iris, a very good friend of us, is simply Irresistible... Here at Rubber Restrained we find rubber, and especially rubber bondage and restraining, Irresistible. It is no coincidence that when we combine our fetishes we end up with Irresistible Rubber Bondage!

We dress Iris in a very heavy rubber DeMasK outfit and make her wear heels. Then compliment this with the rubber restraining tools of DeMask, Rubber Restrained and RopeMarks' rope and we end up with a bundle of Irresistible Iris in Irresistible rubber bondage.

We tie her, gag her with a blowup gag until she gags, make her wear a tight neck corset, blindfold her and finally put a breathplay hood over her face.
During every stage we sit back and watch the struggle enfold and ohw does Iris struggle <3.

Outfit by DeMasK & RopeMarks | photo's by Frits Kraefft | bondage by RopeMarks 

Bimbo - video, part 2 of 2

2018-05-03Arienh, HW Design, and RopeMarks5:48 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Fetish

With Rubber Restrained being the branch of RopeMarks dealing with the prettiest girls being dressed and restrained in and with rubber it is only obvious we get to borrow the RopeMarks models, in this case the RopeMarks bimbo, Arienh.

When Arienh arrives we waist no time and order her to dress up in this amazing heavy rubber corset with matching neck corset. Then to put on stockings and heels and finally match this outfit with her slavegirl ankle and wrist cuffs.

She dresses up willingly and enthousiastically and the bimbo is looking stunning in full outfit, amazing boobs exposed, beautiful blond hair and look in her eyes that says "what's next?".

We put her in the smallest place, next to the toilet, that we have, our elevator and make her pose... spine chillingly beautiful. However we still get her "what's next?" look.

Being a RopeMarks branche we know our way around a piece of rope and tie Arienh's arms strappado-style behind her back. This has some effect, some moans and a twinkle of doubt if she can handle this.

We do not stop there; next we blindfold her; gag her and finally put clamps on her nipples, with little bells.

This did it, she's disoriented, tries to escapes her bondage, the elevater but not being able to see all that is happening is a lot of moaning and tingling of the nipple-bells. We leave her in this state for quite some time.

At last we take her out of the elevator, put her in front of our window (can the outside world see our bimbo? Bound, gagged and blindfolded?) and remove the bells. We let her rest (-isch) and enjoy the view that is Arienh, the bimbo of today.

photo's by Cas van der Vlught, video by RopeMarks, outfit by HW Design.

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