The initiation of spring

2017-02-03Spring99 imagesLatex
The initiation of spring 0

Please welcome new "face" spring.

We are delighted to have this sexy, beautiful and sweet submissive girl in our club.

For today we are taking this little kitten for a trip to her inside. We start by dressing her up in a tight latex body and put her on the bed where we have all the toys for today ready and waiting.

To complete her outfit for today we put rubber gloves on her hands and dress her feet and legs in thigh high ballet boots. Whatever she might want to do from this point on, she will be crawling, on all fours, like the slave girl she is.

And it is with this thought that we are going to run the rest of the day, a slow, slow, restraining of spring and enjoy every step of the proces to its full extend. 

First step is putting some rough metal shackles around her gloved wrists, lock them with real locks and attach them to each other; metal and rubber, best combination ever.

Then restrict her head movement with a beautiful wide metal collar. 

Spring is teasing us, playing with us, asking for attention.. apparantly there is not enough restraining yet, or she is enjoying this way too much (I know we do).

More rough metal shackles, this time around her booted ankles. Lock them with real locks and attach them together with a heavy chain; tease now!
She does, and the metal and chains make beautiful noise as spring is moving and teasing with us on her bed, her world for today, a long, long day.

We have been going for quite some time now and think this is the moment to add some real, slow, suffering. We start this by adding a metal ring gag. Spreading springs mouth open, unable to close and in time she will start drooling, uncontrollably, adding a whole lot of humiliation to her predicament

Spring looks at us with pleading eyes, moving around on the bed, wanting to get rid of the gag. It won't take long before we can't handle this anymore... and add a rubber blindfold so we won't have to see her pleading eyes anymore.

This is not adding to our rest, she just seems to wriggle around more, wiggling her ass, teasing us, wanting attention, sitting on all fours, presenting her ass and drooling from her spread open mounth... this is a beautiful sight.

We are happy that we can present you spring, in all her submissive beauty!

The 100(!) photo's by KinkyStyle.

Sauna sack restrained

2016-12-02Dutch Dame65 imagesBondage
Sauna sack restrained 0

It's summer, extreme summer for us Dutch people, we have to endure a 30+ degrees Celsius. We have a set of rubber restraining accessoires available, sauna sack, belts, gag, blindfold, collar and a willing girl.

With this heat, as little activity as possible is required for us Tops, so how to use your environment to aid in the suffering of your girl... a sauna sack! What does that do? It's a rubber sack, you put girl in, zip it closed and let the heat do the rest. Easy enough.

We wouldn't be us if we didn't add some extra challenges. The sack closes by the neck and we add a tight collar to make sure it is really closed. We then wrap rubber belts aroud our girl's arms, torso and legs and finally, add a breathplay hood. Let the show unfold.

The breathplay hood can not be endured for long and when we removed it we put a blindfold on our heavily sweating girl and put a spider gag in her mouth and leave her to cook in the sauna sack for some time more. The wriggling because of the discomfort is clearly showing now... a beautiful sight... must see!

Photos by KinkyStyle.

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