Sauna sack restrained

2016-12-02Dutch Dame65 imagesBondage
Sauna sack restrained 0

It's summer, extreme summer for us Dutch people, we have to endure a 30+ degrees Celsius. We have a set of rubber restraining accessoires available, sauna sack, belts, gag, blindfold, collar and a willing girl.

With this heat, as little activity as possible is required for us Tops, so how to use your environment to aid in the suffering of your girl... a sauna sack! What does that do? It's a rubber sack, you put girl in, zip it closed and let the heat do the rest. Easy enough.

We wouldn't be us if we didn't add some extra challenges. The sack closes by the neck and we add a tight collar to make sure it is really closed. We then wrap rubber belts aroud our girl's arms, torso and legs and finally, add a breathplay hood. Let the show unfold.

The breathplay hood can not be endured for long and when we removed it we put a blindfold on our heavily sweating girl and put a spider gag in her mouth and leave her to cook in the sauna sack for some time more. The wriggling because of the discomfort is clearly showing now... a beautiful sight... must see!

Photos by KinkyStyle.

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