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Caged Dame, part 3/3 - video

2017-12-15Dutch Dame and RopeMarks15:43 minutesBondage, Fetish, Latex

We have caught ourselves a dame and are planning a long-term lock-up, night-spanning, caging- and restraining-session.

We start with simple wrist cuffs and restrain her wrists outside of the cage, limiting her movements immensly, then we wait...
Then after some time we tie a karada with crotch-rope, give her some space to move, as much as the cage allows. But not for long, we put her into a tight rubber single sleeve.

Essentially we make her restraints heavier with every passing hour and make her show it while caged, makeing her seduce us in the idle hope we let her out. This makes her angry, a phase, telling is we are on the right track.

When nighttime finally comes we move her to her resting cage and make her wear ballet boots. Serieus enough to be considered bondage but easy enough to rest in them. After getting used to her new, night-time position, we remove the armbinder and tie her wrist and booted-ankles outside of the cage, determining her limited movements for the night.


Enjoy this long and sensual capture.

photo's by KinkyStyle 
video by RopeMarks (note: the video has a few crackles)
Session originally shot in 2011

This is an update in four parts, three sets of approximatly 30 high quality fetish images and one approximatly 10 minute video. This complete set shows you Spring's ordeal as described next during this long day.

A trip to another universe
I’ve always thought that bad things happen in dark and secret basements. My oh my, was I wrong… From today on I’ll never forget that really really really bad things happen on broad day light in tidy classy attics.

A nice beginning
It all started with an invitation. I love travelling to new places, so when he asked me to accompany him on a trip for work, I immediately said yes. I looked forward to explore an exciting new city. Guess what? I never saw any of it.

Dressed up in rubber
As soon as we arrived, he and a beautiful lady that seemed to belong to the house, ordered me to undress. Resisting was clearly no option, so I obeyed. The lady dressed me up in a very tight rubber corset, with rubber stockings, rubber sleeves and quite high heels. I felt a bit nervous, as they discussed what to do with me next.

Restrain her!
The lady suggested letting me suffer by restraining me a bit. He nodded, approving and then shoved a black rubber hood over my head. Also I got a very high collar of steel around my neck and steel cuffs around my wrists and upper arms. They told me to move around a bit to amuse them. And so I did, for a long time.

Blindfolded and gagged
While I kept moving, I totally forgot about my environment. Hmmm… this smooth yummy rubber on my skin… But this was not about my pleasure. This was about me, suffering for them. Without a warning I got blindfolded, gagged and tied to the ceiling. The sun was shining straight on my head now and I was still breathing trough the tiny pipe. This was suffering for real. Would they release me now? Their mumbling and laughter confused me.

Penetrated and …
No. They wanted to have more fun with me and I cried out loud when I suddenly felt a steel dildo penetrating my pussy. Oh?! They put me on a one bar prison! Now I could hardly move anymore. I could only stand, breath and wait. This was hard. And then it came: something big and hollow around my head. They never told me what it was. Please have a look and tell me? 

photo's by KinkyStyle 
video by RopeMarks 
outfit by HW-Design
metal by MetalBondage


Rubber Restrained and Bagged - video

2016-11-04Nereida DeadlySin and RopeMarks24:17 minutesBondage

Today we restrain and bag Spanish hottie Nereida in full heavy rubber!

We start by dressing Nereida in a full rubber bondage catsuit and putting some ballet heels on her feet. Not able to walk anywhere far, we also restrain her arms behind her back and put a big rubber neck corset in place - time to get used to her situation and postion in our hierachy, at our feet, looking up. Then when our beautiful Spanish seems to get used to her situation, we add a new layer of discomfort and bondage, a bit-gag.

When we feel her being warmed up to handle the serieus stuff we let her tiny mouth get used to the item for our final torment, while bagged, a ballgag. This excites our Spanish beauty quite a lote and she shows us her delicious rubber clad body in highly fuckable positions...

Playtime is over, we put Nereida on a chair, strap her arms behind her back and tie her legs, spread, to the chair - plastic bag bagging time.

We start easy and bag Nereida multiple times, all building up to that finaly bagging, while ballgagged, holding the bag in place with a rope around her neck... 
Nereida, rubber restrained and bagged, you don't want to miss this!

This is an update in 2 parts; This part is only video's, you get two edits of the material, each  about 12 min. long.

Rubber kinbaku kitten - video

2016-09-02Amarantha LaBlanche and RopeMarks6:24 minutesBondage

In the words of Amarantha: So I was taken to an abandoned office building for some latex and bondage fun.

After lubing up my skin and my shiny latex gloves, stockings, neck corset and waist corset, it was time to add some layers of both latex and rope. Who doesn't like more and more latex, restrictive ballet boots, a gag and a completely immobilizing bondage?  

I was trapped like no tomorrow! 

And on top of that, I was even made to crawl a round of shame on video, struggling in the tight ropes and drooling uncontrollably...


Giant Dame - video

2016-05-06Dutch Dame, RopeMarks, and Snake14:03 minutesFetish

We have a pair of speciality boots, giant boots, at our disposal. With these we make DutchDame, tall as she is, even taller.  

Dressed in rubber catsuit and with the help of Snake Dutch Dame puts on her giant boots. Standing 2.16 impressive meters she is taken for a stroll.

The giant that she has become does not stop her inner self from being different; submissive. Snake makes her wear a rubber slave collar and ballgag before he takes her for another stroll

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