Rubber & Metal - video, part 4 of 4

2017-11-17 Spring 10:45 minutes Bondage
Rubber & Metal - video, part 4 of 4 1
Rubber & Metal - video, part 4 of 4 2
Rubber & Metal - video, part 4 of 4 3
Rubber & Metal - video, part 4 of 4 4

This is an update in four parts, three sets of approximatly 30 high quality fetish images and one approximatly 10 minute video. This complete set shows you Spring's ordeal as described next during this long day.

A trip to another universe
I’ve always thought that bad things happen in dark and secret basements. My oh my, was I wrong… From today on I’ll never forget that really really really bad things happen on broad day light in tidy classy attics.

A nice beginning
It all started with an invitation. I love travelling to new places, so when he asked me to accompany him on a trip for work, I immediately said yes. I looked forward to explore an exciting new city. Guess what? I never saw any of it.

Dressed up in rubber
As soon as we arrived, he and a beautiful lady that seemed to belong to the house, ordered me to undress. Resisting was clearly no option, so I obeyed. The lady dressed me up in a very tight rubber corset, with rubber stockings, rubber sleeves and quite high heels. I felt a bit nervous, as they discussed what to do with me next.

Restrain her!
The lady suggested letting me suffer by restraining me a bit. He nodded, approving and then shoved a black rubber hood over my head. Also I got a very high collar of steel around my neck and steel cuffs around my wrists and upper arms. They told me to move around a bit to amuse them. And so I did, for a long time.

Blindfolded and gagged
While I kept moving, I totally forgot about my environment. Hmmm… this smooth yummy rubber on my skin… But this was not about my pleasure. This was about me, suffering for them. Without a warning I got blindfolded, gagged and tied to the ceiling. The sun was shining straight on my head now and I was still breathing trough the tiny pipe. This was suffering for real. Would they release me now? Their mumbling and laughter confused me.

Penetrated and …
No. They wanted to have more fun with me and I cried out loud when I suddenly felt a steel dildo penetrating my pussy. Oh?! They put me on a one bar prison! Now I could hardly move anymore. I could only stand, breath and wait. This was hard. And then it came: something big and hollow around my head. They never told me what it was. Please have a look and tell me? 

photo's by KinkyStyle 
video by RopeMarks 
outfit by HW-Design
metal by MetalBondage


Donkeys - a rubber cheesecake video

2017-08-23 Dutch dame 6:46 minutes Latex
Donkeys - a rubber cheesecake video 1
Donkeys - a rubber cheesecake video 2
Donkeys - a rubber cheesecake video 3
Donkeys - a rubber cheesecake video 4

We have pets, of the special kind, at our Mallorca HQ; Donkeys!

Just like regular pets they need to be fed, cleaned, played with and given an abundance of TLC, and that is exactly what we will do in this video, all dressed in the amazing Flamenco dress of HW Design.

video by RopeMarks
outfit by HW-Design

Rubber Maid - a rubber cheesecake video  1
Rubber Maid - a rubber cheesecake video  2
Rubber Maid - a rubber cheesecake video  3
Rubber Maid - a rubber cheesecake video  4

Please welcome the Rubber Restrained maid, our own sexy blond, Nicky Alicia.

Dressed in rubber and naked underneath her very short skirt she will suck, wipe, clean and still have time to see to our private.... needs.

video by RopeMarks.

The initiation of spring - video

2017-03-31 Spring 3:37 minutes Latex
The initiation of spring - video 1
The initiation of spring - video 2
The initiation of spring - video 3
The initiation of spring - video 4

Please welcome new "face" spring.

We are delighted to have this sexy, beautiful and sweet submissive girl in our club.

For today we are taking this little kitten for a trip to her inside. We start by dressing her up in a tight latex body and put her on the bed where we have all the toys for today ready and waiting.

To complete her outfit for today we put rubber gloves on her hands and dress her feet and legs in thigh high ballet boots. Whatever she might want to do from this point on, she will be crawling, on all fours, like the slave girl she is.

And it is with this thought that we are going to run the rest of the day, a slow, slow, restraining of spring and enjoy every step of the proces to its full extend. 

First step is putting some rough metal shackles around her gloved wrists, lock them with real locks and attach them to each other; metal and rubber, best combination ever.

Then restrict her head movement with a beautiful wide metal collar. 

Spring is teasing us, playing with us, asking for attention.. apparantly there is not enough restraining yet, or she is enjoying this way too much (I know we do).

More rough metal shackles, this time around her booted ankles. Lock them with real locks and attach them together with a heavy chain; tease now!
She does, and the metal and chains make beautiful noise as spring is moving and teasing with us on her bed, her world for today, a long, long day.

We have been going for quite some time now and think this is the moment to add some real, slow, suffering. We start this by adding a metal ring gag. Spreading springs mouth open, unable to close and in time she will start drooling, uncontrollably, adding a whole lot of humiliation to her predicament

Spring looks at us with pleading eyes, moving around on the bed, wanting to get rid of the gag. It won't take long before we can't handle this anymore... and add a rubber blindfold so we won't have to see her pleading eyes anymore.

This is not adding to our rest, she just seems to wriggle around more, wiggling her ass, teasing us, wanting attention, sitting on all fours, presenting her ass and drooling from her spread open mounth... this is a beautiful sight.

We are happy that we can present you spring, in all her submissive beauty!


The initiation of Xenia - video

2017-01-24 Xenia 1:53 minutes Bondage
The initiation of Xenia - video 1
The initiation of Xenia - video 2
The initiation of Xenia - video 3
The initiation of Xenia - video 4

Please welcome new "face" Xenia.

Maybe she caught us in a bad mood, maybe her beautiful looks and pleading eyes made us do it, whatever it was, we did not hold back. 

We dressed Xenia from head-to-toe in latex, corsetted her already tiny waist, hooded her beautiful face and corsetted her neck and added a gag. To top this outfit of, we put her in a pair of ballet boots. Xenia is a beautiful rubber-sight.

Next we tied her gloved arms in a self embracing bondage, slapped a wide leather collar around Xenia's already tight neck corset... and made Xenia balance on her ballet boots, supported only by ropes attached to the wide leather collar.

Predicament... stress... anxiety... fear... we had a good time!

You can watch Xenia's struggle, balancing on her ballets... and failing, hanging by her neck, trying to get back on her feet, gasping for air and see the white of her eyes slowly turn red.

This is a short clip, 1:30 min, but well worth it to see Xenia's initiation.

video by Haas&Co.