Zebra girl aka Dutch Dame is in town and we convinced her to spend a day with us and be amazing and beautiful in front of our camera's. She truly is a beautiful sight, dressed in her sexy latex outfit! As with every superhero a secret identity is needed to protect your loved ones, Zebra girls disguise comes in the form of a latex hood and over-the-mouth neck corset; who will know Zebra girl is in fact, Dutch Dame...

Unexpected to Zebra girl we turn out to be the bad guy today; we slap leather cuffs on her wrists and upper arms and shackle her arms together on her back! 

Without any means to stop us we continue with putting a wide leather collar around the already tight neck corset, this is really lowering the level of discomfort for poor Zebra girl.

However, what we think of next is something completely unimaginable all together... We tied a rope around her chest and guided this via her already restrained arms to her tied ankles. This is a tricky and unsafe situation, to rectify this we connected her collar to the overhead beam, so tight she had to tiptoe for balance.

This is one hell of a predicament, if she did not stand perfectly still she would loose balance and effectively be suspended by the neck by the collar around her neck. Moving her arms would bring her off balance, moving her feet would bring her off balance, moving her head would bring her off balance and all the while the already tight neck corset was not helping her in any way... Obviously, whenever she found her balance and got her air we pushed her around a little... We are the bad guy in this scenario after all...

After a while she got the hang of this balancing and we can't have that. We added a blindfold and things got pretty unstable again.
But, we are not monsters, the hours have been ticking away and night is coming. We bring Zebra girl inside to spend the night in a comfortable Rubber Restrained way.

She is stripped from her outfit and a leather harness, restraining her arms on her back, is fitted. Her legs are tied together and with the hood, neck corset, collar and blindfold still in place she is placed on the couch for the night.

A little restless at first she soon settles and quietly spends the night.


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July 12, 2016 01:51 anonymous ★★★★★ Very sexy!
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