Zebra girl caught and restrained, part 2 of 3 0

We have the amazing Zebra girl in three updates for you. Three photo series and one video that comes online with the last photo serie. This is the second instalment.

We have Zebra girl, aka Dutch Dame, dressed in her outfit, on high heels with her arms restrained, her neck in a tight neck corset and around the corset a tight leather collar; a challenging situation as it is.

We did not stop there, next we tied a rope around her chest and guided this via her already restrained arms to her tied ankles. This is a tricky and unsafe situation, to rectify this we connected her collar to the overhead beam, so tight she had to tiptoe for balance.

This is one hell of a predicament, if she did not stand perfectly still she would loose balance and effectively be suspended by the neck by the collar around her neck. Moving her arms would bring her off balance, moving her feet would bring her off balance, moving her head would bring her off balance and all the while the already tight neck corset was not helping her in any way... Obviously, whenever she found her balance and got her air we pushed her around a little... We are the bad guy in this scenario after all...

After a while she got the hang of this balancing and we can't have that. We added a blindfold and things got pretty unstable again.

We are not monsters and did not leave her out there all night, she was allowed in to spend the night in comfortable Rubber Restrained way, but that, is for the third and final instalment of Zebra girl...