Please welcome new "face" Xenia.

Maybe she caught us in a bad mood, maybe her beautiful looks and pleading eyes made us do it, whatever it was, we did not hold back. 

We dressed Xenia from head-to-toe in latex, corsetted her already tiny waist, hooded her beautiful face and corsetted her neck and added a gag. To top this outfit of, we put her in a pair of ballet boots. Xenia is a beautiful rubber-sight.

Next we tied her gloved arms in a self embracing bondage, slapped a wide leather collar around Xenia's already tight neck corset... and made Xenia balance on her ballet boots, supported only by ropes attached to the wide leather collar.

Predicament... stress... anxiety... fear... we had a good time!

You can watch Xenia's struggle, balancing on her ballets... and failing, hanging by her neck, trying to get back on her feet, gasping for air and see the white of her eyes slowly turn red.

This is a short clip, 1:30 min, but well worth it to see Xenia's initiation.

video by Haas&Co.