Rubber fun, warming up 0

This is part 1 (of 4). The entire series givens an overview of Chantal and sub angel have multiple "go's" at Niniane.

We start by dressing all three in as much rubber as we found in the clothing closet in our rendevous place and make them each show you how good it looks on them. For some unexplained reason each end up being bound in their rubber :), simple at first...

When it was Niniane's turn to show herself to you we thought, the hell with it, let Chantal and sub angel do the hard work and restrain Niniane. When she was totally helpless an unexpected experience arose from that situation for Niniane (girls can be mean :).
After this we made the girls wear full head covering rubber hoods and told them to enjoy themselves with each other. Each got their turn of trouble but for some reason, when it was Niniane's turn for some erotic pleasure, Chantal and sub angel decided to drag Niniane over the grass... by her hair... Did I mention that girls can be mean?

Finally Chantal and sub angel are completely shut out from the real world. They will wear rubber hoods, blindfolds, ballgags and wide collars. Niniane, probably getting her revenge, exposes Chantal's tits and makes the chilly weather do the torment for her.