Vault Fantasy

2014-11-14Dutch Dame22 imagesBondage
Vault Fantasy 0
Vault Fantasy 1
Vault Fantasy 2

Sexy rubber secretary Dutch Dame is send down to the vault, once there her fantasy is triggered...

Being sexy for the man she obeys too, showing her beautiful curves, seducing... only to receive a full sensory deprivation experience, all tied up. Hot lamps are put on our poor (yeah right :) secretary when she is left alone to sweat, to struggle, to be locked from reality

When night falls she is partly untied, and balancing on ballets put in the vault's closet until the next working day...


Photos by Guldor.



Fetish dressed Dame

2014-10-31Dutch Dame9 imagesLatex
Fetish dressed Dame 0
Fetish dressed Dame 1
Fetish dressed Dame 2

You will love this update. We take the amazing Dutch Dame to an abandoned office building, strip her to down her birth suit and start to dress her up for our pleasure.

Our pleasure is fetish dress, the Dame is dressed in rubber stockings, rubber gloves and put inside a rubber hood triggering submission, obedience and a warm cocooning feeling.

We then fit her with strict ballet-boots, foot restraining, making sure she's unable to go anywhere fast.

You will love the Dame for trying, and succeeding to stand in her ballet boots, hell, you will love this update of the amazing Dutch Dame in Fetish Dress.


Photos by Guldor


Rubber Sunbathing

2014-10-17chantal and Miss Suzn42 imagesBondage
Rubber Sunbathing 0
Rubber Sunbathing 1
Rubber Sunbathing 2
Rubber Sunbathing 3
Rubber Sunbathing 4

Chantal is bringing Miss Suzn home after a long day. Suzn is allowed to relax a bit before the evening really starts.

Relaxing in fetish style... obviously

Miss Suzn is gagged with a big ballgag, collared and cuffed, blindfolded and put in a chair for the last sun of the day... Where Chantal straps Suzn with rubber straps to the chair

Two sexy girls in one *hot* update



Photos by Patrick Ceuppens.


Simply Rubber Bound

2014-10-10chantal and Niniane46 imagesBondage
Simply Rubber Bound 0
Simply Rubber Bound 1
Simply Rubber Bound 2


Two chicks, One rigger with a perverted mind, One photographer, A wardrobe of extreme latex, Jute rope


A fun filled Saturday afternoon that starts with Chantal and Niniane all rubbered up climbing the stairs to the RopeMarks studio. Each posing for you, showing their curves and finally tangeled up in each other. 

In the studio Niniane ends up tightly bound in a hogtie on the floor unable to 



Photos by coJac photography.


Mirjana does Chantal

2014-09-26chantal and Miss Mirjana118 imagesBondage
Mirjana does Chantal 0
Mirjana does Chantal 1
Mirjana does Chantal 2

This update has all the buzzwords of the BDSM and fetish scene present; two hot women, rubber, hoods, 
bondage, strap on, sex... do I need to go on?

In a beautiful medical room Chantal is examined by Miss Mirjana.

Some of Miss Mirjana's criteria include "bondage", "Sensory deprivation", "pain", "strap on sex" and  more...



Photos by Patrick Ceuppens.