We have the stunning Miss Mirjana at our disposal and we make her submit to our every whim. Our whim's of today include dressing Mirjana in skintight rubber and cover her face with a hood. Then her neck is decorated with a high, tight collar that she has to present to us in a submissive manner. After the collar a she needs to present a big ballgag, her soft red lips lock around the black gag so beautiful... 

Now Mirjana is set to submissive mode we tie up her body and restrain her mind. When she is fully at easy and (relativly) comfortable in her completely restrained position she is lifted from the floor and suspended from rope-only... nothing to do the but endure our whim and looking stunning doing that.

When she has endured her suspension and we take her down she thinks this is the end, but nothing is more true. The moment Mirjana is down we put the big ballgag back in place and add a blindfold. Deprived of her senses it doesn't take long, moments, before Mirjana is of to lalaland enjoying the comfort of her bound, tortured and dressed in skintight latex luscious body in her own little world.

In short, Miss Mirjana submits to Rubber Restrained with mind, body and soul.

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