Floating in the Pool 0

Sinteque is being served by DutchDame in our beautiful Mallorca HQ. But our beautiful servant is being her clumsy self and spoils Sinteque's beverage all over her HW Design outfit. This can not go unpunished, our servant is getting tied up, crotch-roped and thrown into the pool.

Quickly after, while still in the pool, DutchDame is made to wear a blowup hood, big collar and chain-leash.

Sinteque is now pulling the floating (not only a figure of speech) DutchDame by the neck and crotch-rope through the pool.

Two hot sexy girls having hot bondage and rubber fun in the hot Mallorca sun - must see!

This is an update in 2 parts; part 1 - 90 photo's; part 2 - 9 minutes of video.