We paid a visit to Uwe and Anna rose of KinkyPonyGirl.com, when in Rome... What better way to spend the day then dressing up two beautiful ponies, Anna Rose and Dutch Dame, and take them out for a walk... in front of a two-pony-sulky.

Dutch Dame dressed as a rubber pony is fitted with a House of Gord metal head wear. Anna Rose dressed as a pony gets a big rubber bit gag that makes sure she will drool after some serious pony exercise.

After being put in front of the sulky we take them for a test walk in the courtyard, let the ponies get used to each other, the sulky and the surrounding. 

Then it's time for some serious activity, we enter the sulky and drive around pulled by two of the most stunning rubber ponies you will ever see.

After all that activity it's time to retire for the night, we take them to the stables and prepare for the night, to ride another day.


Video by Uwe Rose.