Breaking Arienh 0

During the intimate get together of RopeMarks and RubberRestrained Bob, of RopeMarks, brought his household bimbo Arienh for our entertainment. Arienh is his sexy blond slavegirl that is taken the extra, BDSM, mile when RopeMarks desires this, she is a joy! But, boy oh boy, did RopeMarks demand the extra BDSM mile from her during this session. Today, RopeMarks is breaking Arienh and it's hot as hell!

It all starts innocent enough when Bob dresses the petite naked body of Arienh in some minimal rubber, a heavy sensory deprivation hood, tight collar and some high heels. The first ~45 minutes of having Arienh dressed up as the rubber slavegirl she is, serving our every need were pleasing for us. But the moment, stumbling on her high heels, she spilled some of Bob's whisky it went downhill fast.

RopeMarks got out his rope, tied a very tight unique looking gote (upper body bondage) on Arienh and attached it to the suspension point in the room, making her stand on her toes while still wearing her heels. The look in her eyes is already one of freight, she knows she made a big mistake.

She's quickly suspended in a clearly painful sideway suspenion and her eyes lose the freight but show a clear please be gently. This is not honored. Arienh is transitioned upside down with her legs spread. The pressure on her legs and body makes some very sexy moans come from behind the hood. We love it, we should care if Arienh does too... but we don't.

Now the fun, our fun, starts. Ariens hood is closed with a blindfold and a large penis gag. Unable to see and only able to drool and mumble, Bob puts some big ass clamps on Arienhs beautiful tits. Now the moaning through the penis gag and from behind the hood starts.

We mildly start swinging upside down Arienh. The big ass clamps are moving and hurting a lot. We then tag-team poor Arienh with impact play. We continuously smack her ass, her upper legs, punch her stomach, slap her hooded and gagged face. There is no escaping for Arienh, there are no stop-words, her only options are to scream and take it like a good slavegirl.

I think we took about 10, maybe 15 minutes to torture Arienh before we thought it was enough and she was allowed some rest. We lowered her to the floor, kept her tied but gave back her vision and removed the penis gag. The we left her there for... don't know how long, to contemplate how to be a better slavegirl for RopeMarks.

Pictures by Chris Hammer

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