We have caught ourselves an alien! From the looks of the very impressive contours this particular alien is female. We really want to keep this one as a pet and cage her for our own pleasure. It doesn't take long before our pet alien tries to seduce us with her sexy contours in order to walk free and impress us with her curved and uber-sexy appearance.

When we let her out she does not stop there with her seductive moves, she wiggles, shakes and overall presents herself in the most sexy of ways - our favourite pet alien!

We love to watch this seductive act but really need to be sure our pet alien does not escape; restraining her it is - with rope. Now we can relax, watch our pet, enjoy the view and afterwards use her as we please in her restraints. Because as it turned out our alien wasn't so alien after all but very much human with all the pleasure places in the expected places...

Miss Mirjana, Bob of RopeMarksKinkyStyle, Redux