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Westward bound Dame, latex cheesecake 0

A shiny outfit by Westward Bound,
a luxurious location and
a teasing Dutch Dame.


RopeMarksWestward bound 

Sakura <3 love <3 0

When Sakura (love) is in town we really hit it off! Obviously I can't let the possibility to shoot pass by.

Guldor | RopeMarks | Spnkd

Belted Dame 0

Dutch Dame is stripped naked except for her high fetish heels, girls need to wear heels. I then continue to strap her in rubber belts, strap her tight. The last belt is saved for her neck and I take my time wrapping it around her pretty neck, juuuuust a bit to tight for comfort... She is making me very proud for enduring this and show my pride by writing on her naked body how I feel...

Kama Medea on the One Bar Prison 0

This is a beautiful set of two(!) images.

Kama is naked, except for black rubber stocking, high platform heels and a black hood. Her arms are tied by her side and a very, very, heavy-rubber collared is slapped around her neck.

After she is put on the one bar prison, a hard metal dildo in her vjj, she can virtually not move anymore. She can't move without the hard metal hurting her, she can't step off the OBP (it's not called a "prison" for nothing :)) and her neck is tightly collared.

In the last shot of the clip you can see the struggle of endurance in her watering eyes...

I love her for it, and so should you!

RopeMarks | Marcello Gonzales


note: the images you are getting are uncensored.

Beautifully sacrilegious 0

A beautiful and very intense set with a sacrilegious edge.
Raw, intens and beautiful! You'll love it!

p Menno van der Meulen

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