On this page we would like to provide a brief introduction into Rubber Restrained, where we are located, how we work, updates, etc.


Rubber Restrained is the rubber bondage branch of RopeMarks and is located in RopeMarks' HQ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We have a deep love for beautiful girls bound, restrained while dressed head to toe in multiple layers of heavy rubber.

The Rubber Restrained site is a showcase dedicated to the beauty that is girls dressed in, heavy, rubber, bound and played with.

Update Frequency

We aim to have at least one update of a large photoset and long video per month. Given enough time we will upload more sets per month.


Rubber Restrained is offering you a fantasy, a fetish fantasy (tm), we do not recommend you copy the things we do without proper tuition. Tuition can be taken i.e. here RopeMarks Ryu.