Zebra girl caught and restrained, part 3 of 3 0

We have the amazing Zebra girl in three updates for you. Three photo series and one video that comes online with the last photo serie. This is the third instalment.

We have Zebra girl, dressed in beautiful latex, wearing a strict neck corset with a tight leather collar added to it, making every breath a challenge. We restrained her arms on her back, tied her ankles together and suspended her from the overhead beams... by her neck. Zebra girls struggle for balance and air is... beautiful!

But, we are not monsters, the hours have been ticking away and night is coming. We bring Zebra girl inside to spend the night in a comfortable Rubber Restrained way.

She is stripped from her outfit and a leather harness, restraining her arms on her back, is fitted. Her legs are tied together and with the hood, neck corset, collar and blindfold still in place she is placed on the couch for the night.

A little restless at first she soon settles and quietly spends the night.