This update is the team up between Rubber Restrained (RopeMarks) and KinkyStyle where we do the initiation of Kama Medea into our world of rubber and bondage.

Before this initiation I have already been spending some days together with Kama, letting her get acquainted with the Rubber Restrained method. This went quite far (I am happy to say) that this shoot was done with a buttplug, size L, inserted all of the time (we do not have photos of this, I am very sorry to say). But(t) all the moaning and wriggling you will see is not only because of tight rubber and bondage, hood, collar and gag but also because of a size L buttplug deep inside her. We already love this pretty girl!

Anyway, We start easy enough, dress up in tight latex, a waist cincher, stockings and heels. Then some modelling until we break out the hood/armbinder combination. The hood as perforations where the eyes are supposed to be and the mouth is open for... other services. When this contraption is on Kama she has limited sight, not being able to move her arms and on heels really keeps her off balance, a very beautiful sight to see this struggle.

We then crank it up a notch. A wide and tight collar is put around her neck and the hood/armbinder combination. This is generating some nice moans (of pleasure?). Then we add a blindfold over the perforated eyes, what this does is limit her airflow into to hood. To top this we add a big enough gag into Kama's sexy mouth. Her lips are wrapped beautiful around the ball.

We now have a wobbly piece of rubber submissive girl that is struggling for air and balance... Welcome to our universe Kama.

Pictures by KinkyStyle

This update contains a short clip of Kama moaning, struggling and stumbling