The Initiation of Ariel Anderssen 0

We present you the beautiful Ariel Anderssen while initiating her into the world of Rubber Restrained.

Ariel's initiation will focus on her very pretty face and neck. But first, I dress her up in latex and stockings and start with the first smooth, but tight, collar. She has no problems whatsoever with this one but looks awesome wearing it.

Next I add a hood to the collar, this completes the look but I want to see her eyes show some real pleasure from her situation. Out I bring the blow-up collar and the rubber belts and one huge ballgag. All is slapped on Ariel and the pumping can begin... now we're getting somewhere.

After many many time pumping the collar to its max and seeing Ariel suffer we make her relax by removing the collar (not the gag), replace it for a strict neck corset and a blindfold.

Strapped and sensory deprived we leave her, just, be while we go ahead and do what needs to be done, Ariel is now a rubber ornament that is a part of the Rubber Restrained family.

Pictures by CarmineWorx