Taking Springs breath away, part 3/3 0

Today starts out with the sexy Spring dressed in a beautiful, tight, red latex outfit. She is posing for us in her high platform heels. It does not take long before we decide she is better off with some added latex and restraing. We make spring wear long rubber opera gloves, hood her face and strap her arms one her back, elbow touching, with rubber belts. Now we are getting somewhere!

Being virtually helpless we bring out the big guns, a pump gag! We do not hold back. The panic in her eyes clearly shows that when we pump up the gag to the edge of deep-throating and chocking. Bound and seriously gagged we cover her already hooded face with a gasmask. We take it slow and enjoy the struggle for comfort, not chocking.

The last challenge will completely take Spring's breath away, the blow-up collar. We slap it around her neck and start pumping. She is hooded (tight stress around her entire head), gagged (a pump gag inflated to the max she can handle), hooded with a gas mask (even more tension on her head and increased difficulty with breathing) and now we take her breath away with a rubber neck collar that is completely covering her neck, top to bottom and all the way around. Behind the glass of the gasmask I can see her eye wanting to start to roll. The soft moans from behind the gasmask are... arousing. We play this game for a while...

Spring has been put through a serious ordeal today and after this session she is going for a relaxing bath, where she is taking of her latex for us. We... are still... we! So naked Spring get's another dose of asphyxiating by pushing her under water!

This session includes a short, but hot, behind the scenes clip.