Serving RopeMarks 0

Here at Club RubberRestrained we are honored today with a visit from Bob from RopeMarks together with his own bimbo and slavegirl Arienh.

After some socializing we decide on opening a bottle of Vino and eating some good food. Bob a brought a tiny bondage maid outfit, perfectly fitted for petite slavegirl, Bob's property, Arienh. He also brought her sky high porn heels. What better way to consume our Vino than being served by bound and stumbling Arienh?

We dress up Arienh, elbows bound behind her back, arms free to serve our Vino and food. We slap heavy and wide metal cuffs on her tiny wrists. Cuffs she is unable to remove without the key or a blacksmith (fun fact: she wore these the next 48 hours, while walking outside, while shopping, while dining out, during the night and even while showering). Last we collar her like the owned property that she is and put a ring gag in her mouth.

Now she is ready to serve RopeMarks his Vino Surprising even us there was an other thought in RopeMark's dirty mind. Instead of serving Vino Bob thrusts his index- and middel finger in Arienh's open mouth, deep throathing her (like she's used to) to produce a fair amount of drool. But instead of drooling al over his "manliness" she has to fill the Vino glass with her own drool!

After the process of finger f*ck*ng her face to produce drool RopeMarks is far from content with the final amount of drool. Arienh has not been living up to RopeMarks' expectation in this matter and she had to be made aware of this.

RopeMarks strips her upper body from the heavy bondage outfit, cuffs her wrists together and puts a whole bunch of clothespins on her nipples. That amount hurts like hell! Then he adds a blow-up gag for some serious deep throat suffering, suffering and producing drool. This become a long lasting process of stuffing her throat, drooling and suffering. Even we were impressed with the amount of time they took and the amount of suffering Arienh can handle. The look in her eyes is... priceless!

After this process she was ring gagged again (no rest for the wicked) and made to contemplate how to be the desired slavegirl RopeMarks wants her to be, that Arienh want to be, owned, loved and desired.

Pictures by Chris Hammer


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