Hobbledress 0

Sweet Arienh is dressed in a Bizarre Design hobbledress. The work of Bizarre Design is serious corsetry and restraining. When Arienh is in the hobbledress every step she takes is with great difficulty and all she really can do is... hobble.

We like to stress-test our girls and so we do Arienh, in addition to the hobbledress she wears a matching neck corset and sky-high fetish heels. We add a ballgag-harnass (drool, anyone?) then cuff and tie her hands on her back, strappado-style.

The look that we created here is beautiful, stunning I would say, but fact of the matter is that Arienn is unable to move at all. Every single move puts her off balance and she can fall, you will see her being very still and careful!


outfit Bizarre Design | photos Chris Hammer | Video RopeMarks