Caged Dame, part 1/3 0

We have caught ourselves a dame and are planning a long-term lock-up, night-spanning, caging- and restraining-session.

We start with simple wrist cuffs and restrain her wrists outside of the cage, limiting her movements immensly, then we wait...
Then after some time we tie a karada with crotch-rope, give her some space to move, as much as the cage allows. But not for long, we put her into a tight rubber single sleeve.

Essentially we make her restraints heavier with every passing hour and make her show it while caged, makeing her seduce us in the idle hope we let her out. This makes her angry, a phase, telling is we are on the right track.

When nighttime finally comes we move her to her resting cage and make her wear ballet boots. Serieus enough to be considered bondage but easy enough to rest in them. After getting used to her new, night-time position, we remove the armbinder and tie her wrist and booted-ankles outside of the cage, determining her limited movements for the night.


Enjoy this long and sensual capture.

photo's by KinkyStyle 
video by RopeMarks (note: the video has a few crackles)
Session originally shot in 2011