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Double-D with DutchDame, part 1 of 4 0

This is rubber and metal cooperation between Rubber Restrained, RopeMarks, DeMasK, Metal Bondage, Dutch Dame and KinkyStyle. We have the most beautiful victorian place to our disposal. The result is nothing less than stuning, a rubber and metal cheesecake set in four parts.

Part1 : Dutch Dame restrained in the rubber DeMasK Double-D corset, this is serious work for DD (see what I just did there :)).

Part 2: We add the metal collar, wrist- and ankle cuffs from metal bondage to the mix. The combination of black rubber and cold metal is just... *rawr*

Part 3: We replace the wide metal neck collar with the wide spiked (huge spiked) collar from metal bondage. This collar is heavy and does not allow for lying down or resting in any way. DD (;-)) is taking this like a pro.

Part 4: We take is "easy" now, removed the metal and put a tight perforated rubber hood over her face. The restriction this gives, after the ordeals she has already been through, takes its toll.


DeMasK | Metal Bondage | Dutch Dame | KinkyStyle | RopeMarks

A shiny outfit by Westward Bound,
a luxurious location and
a teasing Dutch Dame.


RopeMarksWestward bound 

Westward bound Dame, latex cheesecake 0

A shiny outfit by Westward Bound,
a luxurious location and
a teasing Dutch Dame.


RopeMarksWestward bound 

Sakura <3 love <3 0

When Sakura (love) is in town we really hit it off! Obviously I can't let the possibility to shoot pass by.

Guldor | RopeMarks | Spnkd

Belted Dame 0

Dutch Dame is stripped naked except for her high fetish heels, girls need to wear heels. I then continue to strap her in rubber belts, strap her tight. The last belt is saved for her neck and I take my time wrapping it around her pretty neck, juuuuust a bit to tight for comfort... She is making me very proud for enduring this and show my pride by writing on her naked body how I feel...

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